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imgAfter the successful Masterclass on Quality Assurance in Analytical Measurements that was held in Zagreb in June 2016, it is our great pleasure to announce the second continuing professional development Master Class for those who train staff from accredited laboratories. It will be held in Lisbon (Monte da Caparica) from 24 to 26 September 2017. Local organiser of the Master Class is Sociedade Portuguesa De Quimica (SPQ).

Lecturing is not training. An excellent expert in some field is not automatically an excellent trainer. Training requires insight and skill, developed by practice. The training of adults is also quite distinct. People who provide training in the field of metrology in chemistry and laboratory accreditation are often experts in their area, but not necessarily aware of adult learning strategies and active learning theories. Therefore TrainMiC® and EC4LE communities have initiated the organisation of annual masterclasses with the aim of:

  • Keeping trainers’ technical knowledge updated, as well as pedagogic expertise and competence
  • Enhancing their training effectiveness and efficiency
  • Establishing a long term community of practice

EC4LE and SPQ invites all trainers in this field to join this Master Class. It will also be an opportunity for you to network with the TrainMiC® and EC4LE communities of trainers. We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon in September 2017!

The organising committee